Walk In Repairs

Any problem with your phone? Just walk-in to our repair centre. Phone Giant is one of the first mobile cell phone and tablet repairing service providers in Birmingham. We undertake repairs of all kinds of iPods, iPads, iPhones and Samsung smartphones.

Mobile Phone Screen Replacement

Phone Giant offers front screen replacement services to customers. The services are provided against

  • Cracked screens
  • Smashed screens
  • Blots, which do not go away
  • Flickering of light and many more
Cell Phone Water Damage Repair

When you walk in at our repairing centre, our expert technicians will open up the phone and will clean all the components, which got affected by liquid damage. Further, the responsible person will sterilize the hardware, so that the cell phone attains improved functioning.

Mobile Phone Battery Replacement And Repairing Services

At Phone Giant, we pay thorough attention towards the well being of the battery as it is the power source of your cell phone. We have specialized techniques that can predict whether the battery needs replacement or repairing.

Our technicians will replace the faulty battery, test the phone and will hand over to you in working condition.

Other services include data recovery, unlocking services and many more.

Our Specialty

When you visit other shops, they may take long time to fix a problem. But, as we house trained technicians, we assure you to provide services within 30 minutes and you can enjoy that time by having tea or coffee.

Without any confusion, just walk in at Phone Giant and bring your phone back to life.

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