Tablet Repairs

Looking For Quick And Efficient Tablet Repairs in Birmingham?

Look no further! Phone Giant offers the fastest tablet repair service in Midland.

Stressed about your tablet not functioning properly? Concerns with both Android and Apple tablets are quite common. Every time anything goes wrong with the tablet you may fear that the device is dead and you might have to invest in a new one again!

Relax! You don’t have to run like a headless chicken for a new tablet no matter what goes wrong with your favourite device. Just bring your tablet to Phone Giant stores in Birmingham and take it back sameday

We are the fastest repair service provider in Birmingham and we also happen to have the most competent technicians who know the tablet inside out.

What Tablet Repairs Do We Handle At Phone Giant?

We can handle almost all issues related to your tablet whether it is a Samsung or Apple device.

Software updates: If you are experiencing sluggish performance of your tablet with screen getting frozen and slow, we can assist you with installation of latest software updates.

Screen replacement: We install OEM replacement parts for tablet screens for both Samsung and Apple products with a thirty day warranty. So, whether you have a cracked or smashed screen, get it repaired in no time at Phone Giant and walk away with a good as new tablet!

Repairs for water damage: Water and electronic parts can never gel! If you dropped your tablet into water accidentally or exposed it to rain, you might be worried about buying a new one! At Phone Giant, our experts open up and clean all damaged components and sterilize the hardware. You will end up with improved functioning of your tablet!

Audio and charging problems: Sometimes the volume buttons do not work or there are charging component issues. We can replace and repair the parts to make your tablet function as before.

Why Choose Phone Giant?

  • We offer the fastest and most efficient tablet repair service in Birmingham. It takes just thirty minutes for getting your as good as new device back.
  • Free quotes
  • We have more than sixteen years of experience in handling all kinds of tablet repairs.