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Sony is globally known for its Xperia range of mobile phones. The X1 was launched in 2008 and since then, Sony has swiftly expanded its line to various phones across sizes, shapes and features. If you’ve had your Xperia for a few years, you may have started experiencing problems with its power or volume up buttons. Perhaps your phone’s battery is draining very quickly or the touchscreen becomes unresponsive from time to time.

Do you need to replace your phone? That may not be necessary – have a technician from Phone Giant assess your phone and take action based on expert advice. Our Birmingham Sony mobile phone repair centre has a solid trackrecord of resolving phone issues across leading brands. Operational since 1999, Phone Giant has been serving the Midlands’ customers with dedication, passion and honesty.

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Mobile phones from Sony have a reputation for performance, style and substance. But, as is the case with any smartphone model, problems can crop up when you least expect them to. Sometimes, you can afford to wait a while before getting your Xperia checked out; many a time, immediate repair becomes the need of the day.

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Some of the more complex repairs or replacements may take more time. Our technician informs you about the key details of the fix so you understand the parts and effort required.

We assure a quick fix for a range of Sony phone issues

Has a fall or strong impact resulted in a cracked or shattered screen? We can replace it with a genuine OEM screen. We have every part for every phone instock

Has water seeped into your phone? Our technicians will disassemble your phone and clean all circuitry components affected by moisture.

Have you traced the problem to your Xperia’s battery? We can perform tests to determine if repair will suffice or replacement is necessary.

If your phone screen is flickering, buttons are stuck, backlight stops working or the device is stuck in recovery mode, visit us or call us. We look forward to assisting you.