Repair Promise

At Phone Giant, we have been repairing mobile phones and tablets since 1991 and our expertise has helped us in generating huge customer base of corporate as well as individual clients.

Our Credibility

Based in Birmingham, we have earned the position as one of the fastest mobile repair centre with skilled technicians for fixing any mobile problem that you have encountered.

Phone Giant Offers Following Services

  • Touch screen repair
  • LCD repair
  • Speaker repair service
  • Signal repairs
  • Keypad repairs
  • Microphone fault fixing
  • Battery repairing works

Why You Should Choose Phone Giant?

There are number of reasons that compel you to select us for drawing our phone repairing services.

Genuine Parts Used

It has been found that many mobile phone users do not lay importance to phone repairs. They think that their phones should get repaired in easygoing manner. This is the reason many small phone repair shops take undue advantage of the situation and use cheap and low quality spare parts for fault fixing.

We at Phone Giant believe in delivering the quality phone repairing services, using superior quality parts. Therefore, every time, we use original OEM parts for repairing, which also guarantee you with extended functioning period of your phone.

You Also Get Added Advantage

Are you curious to know what the added advantage you get from us? On every kind of repair service, we offer 30 days warranty.

Still have doubt? Without wasting time, just visit our service centre and we will take all the necessary measures to rectify the phone fault.