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An LG phone repair specialist

LG Electronics can trace its history back to 1958 when it started out designing home appliances and televisions. The company launched its first smartphone in 2009 and followed it up with a tablet in 2011. Over the years, it has launched more advanced mobile phones with impressive specs.

Phone Giant has extensive experience repairing LG mobile phones. We have examined and fixed a variety of common problems affecting LG phones. We are well-versed with the hardware and settings of literally all LG mobile phones, which allows us to suggest and perform appropriate repair or replacement.

Convenient, reliable service

Schedule your repair or walk in to our Birmingham phone servicing centre. You can easily book a time convenient to you via our app. The app also offers you a free quote, directions to our centre and click to call functionality.

Our technician will check your phone and let you know in simple, jargon-free language about the type of fix required. In the event that your phone cannot be repaired and is nearing the end of its functional life, we will communicate the same to you transparently.

Which LG phone do you own?

• LG google nexus

• G Series

• K series

• Q series

We go about repairing your phone or replacing its screen without interfering with any settings that may affect device data. However, if your data was lost as a result of the problem, we will not  be able to retrieve it. This is why we encourage you to back up your data prior to having your phone serviced at our centre.

What if we’re unable to fix your phone?

Some issues cannot be fixed while a few may fail even after repair. If we’re unable to solve your LG phone problem, you don’t have to pay us and we will offer our recommendations for free. All our repairs and replacements are backed by a 30 day warranty. If you face a glitch within this time period, we will look at your phone once again at no charge to you.

The Phone Giant promise

Our service centre is regarded among the best mobile phone repair clinics in the Midlands. Our investment in quality OEM parts, top-notch customer service and technical proficiency has earned us a high referral rate and customer loyalty.

We’re available to answer your questions over the phone. Call us at 01213275700 to get started.