HTC Repairs

Broke Your HTC Phone or Screen? You Have Reached The Right People!

HTC has been a very popular brand in the UK. In 2011 almost half of UK owned HTC smart-phones! Even now it is the most popular brand after Apple and Samsung.  HTC M8 is also the most likely to be phone to be stolen says one study! HTC is surely very desirable and stylish and as a proud owner of a HTC smart-phone, it breaks your heart to see the screen smashed or when something goes wrong with any of the functions.

When you need to get your HTC phone fixed in no time, you can completely trust Phone Giant to understand your needs.

As experts who have been around since 1999, we are the original and number 1 phone repair stores in Birmingham. Our team of highly experienced and competent technicians have been working on a wide range of HTC models including the latest ones. We can handle and fix any type of HTC smart-phone including:

  • M7
  • M8
  • M9
  • Desire series
  • Nexus
  • One ME
  • HTC 10
  • A series

Whether you are looking for a software update installation or efficient solutions for water damage for your HTC, we are here to help. We offer screen repair and replacement for all issues with the HTC screens including flickering screen, blots, broken or cracked screens and other issues.

We also replace damaged camera, volume buttons, improperly functioning or dead battery.  Whatever the issue is with your HTC, you can trust Phone Giant to fix it!

What Makes Phone Giant The Best In Phone Repairs?

We will repair your HTC smart-phone in thirty minutes! Having worked with countless HTC smartphones, it is child’s play for our technicians to repair any complex issue with your favourite phone. We also know how painful it is for you to function without your HTC even for a single day! Which is why at Phone Giant, every phone repair is an emergency! While you sip coffee, we analyse and repair your HTC in quick time.

We will give you a free quote and offer OEM replacement parts which have a thirty day warranty.